Facts About Sub Floor Ventilation Sydney

When building or remodelling your home, planning for the sub floor ventilation system is a very important thing to think about. Due to the excessive amount of water and moisture that is caused in bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements, you will find infiltration of moisture into the building coming from the ground below. This is most commonly found in basements. This then causes rising damp and will then begin to accumulate fungi and mould, and might eventually attract termites, causing structural damage to the building. With the use of sub floor ventilation Sydney area residents and business owners can avoid these problems.

Among the many issues that can occur without the proper sub floor ventilation, Sydney’s biggest fear would be the growth of fungi and mould. Mould is a type of fungi that produces tiny little particles called mould spores. These spores are everywhere, in the air indoors and outdoors. These spores are also referred to as allergens. These spores can cause serious health problems to some, but even worse is when they find a warm and moist surface to settle on they will begin to feed and grow leading to more serious and deadlier health problems. With sub floor ventilation Sydney homes can be safer for you and your family.

Termites are another issue you might have to deal with, without proper ventilation. These are small, sneaky pests that feed on dead plants and trees, wood and wood that are down in the soil. A nest of termites and their eating habits are very capable of doing some major damage to your home after time.

With the installation of a sub floor ventilation system the ventilation will take immediate effect, but the time it takes to show noticeable improvement and stability will depend on the size and degree of the problem. Once the system is installed, as long as you keep it free and clear of all debris and plants, should last the building a lifetime.