Certain parts of your home will require ducting to get rid of moisture. Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation is the premier choice for removing moisture from your home. We specialise in maintaining subfloors that are dry and free of mould and mildew. We also provide the kind of ductwork that can quickly and easily remove moisture from laundry rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. We can provide you with the quality ducting you are looking for in your home.

Sealed Ducting Professionally Installed

Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation provides the highest quality ducting that is installed by our professional contractors. Each member of our staff has been trained to understand how the ducts operate and how to install them so they will not leak and will remove more moisture from the air within the home. By using quality products installed by knowledgeable professionals, you are assured protection for your home.

Ducting is just a portion of what our professionals offer to protect your home. While having Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation install ducts, you can also have us install vents and fans for your subfloor. We provide the highest quality products and install them using the recommended techniques. As such, we assure less moisture in your home to reduce mould, mildew, termites and the health problems that come along with each.

Maintaining Your Ductwork

If you have encountered problems with your ducting, Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation is the right one to call. Our professional staff can help to diagnose the problem, provide you with an estimate and make the necessary repairs. Contact us today to install, repair or maintain your ductwork today. We look forward to speaking with you and providing the quality service you need for peace of mind in your home. Get started when you call us today for an appointment on 02 9546 7022 or 0432 445 436.

Aleta Ducting Product Range

Diffuser Jet flow 250mm

Diffuser Jet Flow 150mm

Diffuser Jet Flow 200mm

Diffuser round 250mm

Diffuser Round 200mm

Diffuser Round 150mm

Ducting 100mm

Ducting 125mm

Ducting 150mm

Ducting 200mm

Ducting acoustic 150mm

Ducting acoustic 200mm

Duct Tape

Grille Fixed 100mm

Grille Fixed 150mm

Grille Gravity 100mm

Grille Gravity 150mm

Grille HC Box to suit half chevron grilles

Grille Half Chevron 230×160 aluminium

Grille Half Chevron 230×160 brown

Grille Half Chevron 230×160 Cream

Grille Half Chevron 230×160 Red

Grille louvre punched 300×200 aluminium

Grille louvre punched 300×200 brown

Grille louvre punched 300×200 cream

Grille louvre punched 300×200 Red

Grille weather proof 230×160 aluminium

Y 150 Plastic

Manufactured by Aleta Industries.