Bathroom and Laundry Ventilation

In order to maintain the safety and security of your home, it’s essential that you take measures to prevent moisture in ceiling spaces and subfloors. Without proper treatment, moisture will lead to termite infestations, mould, mildew, and structural damage, which can put your home and your family at risk. Bathroom and laundry ventilation is essential to maintaining a moisture-free home so you can avoid these issues. In many cases, ventilation systems exhaust air from the bathroom or laundry directly into the ceiling space, which leads to significant issues. In order to provide proper ventilation, you’ll want innovative solutions from Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation.

The Leaders in Bathroom and Laundry Ventilation

Moisture in the home will create ideal conditions for mould, mildew, and termite infestation. Each of these issues creates serious adverse health reactions for family members as well as significant structural damage to the home. Without proper ventilation, your exhaust system could be venting directly into the ceiling space, which leads to issues including:

  • Exposing roof timbers to moisture and attracting termites
  • Exposing roof insulation to moisture, which diminishes its anti-vermin properties
  • Allowing drafts to enter the home, which will decrease its energy efficiency
  • And more

Before you put your family at risk, make sure you have the proper bathroom and laundry ventilation system

External Ventilation for Bathroom and Laundry Areas

In order to effectively eliminate the dangers associated with venting air into ceiling spaces, Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation installs external ventilation systems. Our innovative solutions allow air to be vented directly into exterior spaces, which will prevent issues with dampness, termites, mould, and more. For assistance with bathroom and laundry ventilation, contact Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation today.