Ceiling Space Moisture

Building codes in countries throughout the world requires exhaust fans in bathrooms.  When installed improperly, the fans will actually direct moisture into the ceiling space, which allows moisture to accumulate.  If your home has an exhaust fan that does this, you will face a variety of issues.  By directing exhaust into the ceiling space without the use of a back draft dampener, your home could be prone to issues like termite infestation, roof dampness, vermin, mould growth, and structural damage.  If you need assistance in ensuring you have the proper exhaust system for your home, Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation can help.

Eliminate Ceiling Space Moisture

When exhaust fans are directed air straight into your ceiling space, you will expose your home to serious disadvantages, including:

  • Exposing roof timbers, which will encourage termite infestation.
  • Dampening of roof insulation, which allows vermin to enter the ceiling space.
  • Allowing drafts to enter the home, which will decrease the energy efficiency of the home and increase energy bills.
  • Deterioration of roof insulation, allowing particles to enter the air.

In order to avoid these and other adverse affects associated with ceiling space moisture, it’s essential that you contact Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation for proper ventilation solutions.

Ceiling Space Moisture Solutions

When you’re ready to eliminate excess moisture in your ceiling space, subfloor, or other areas of the home, the Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation team is here to assist.  Our team of highly trained experts will inspect your ceiling space in order to create a customised solution to eradicate moisture and prevent future problems.  For immediate assistance with ceiling space moisture, subfloor areas, and throughout your home, contact the Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation team today.