Structural Dampness

When there is unwanted moisture present in a home, there is a problem known as structural dampness. This is caused either by water intruding from the outside or from within the structure. No matter what the cause, structural dampness can lead to significant problems including structural damage, termite infestation, mould, mildew, and more. In most cases, dampness is caused by one of these three situations:

  • Rain Penetration
  • Rising Damp
  • Condensation

In order to eradicate the moisture in a structure, it’s necessary to contact experts in subfloor ventilation, rising damp, and other treatments. When you need assistance with structural dampness, contact Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation.

Eradicate Structural Dampness

Buildings old and new can face issues with structural dampness. In order to eradicate moisture, a team of professionals that understands the root of the problem will need to inspect the property. Some of the reasons for moisture in homes throughout Australia include:

  • Poor Ventilation Practices: In many cases, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room ventilation forces air into the ceiling space, which allows moisture to accumulate and create conditions for mould, mildew, and termites.
  • Old Buildings: Older homes are prone to structural insufficiencies due to poor building codes and low quality materials. This can lead to cracks in the structure, which allows moisture to enter the building materials.
  • New Buildings: In efforts to create energy efficient homes, builders can inadvertently leave no room for airflow, which can allow moisture to build up in subfloor areas and ceiling spaces.

Get Help With Structural Dampness Today

If you don’t act fast, structural dampness can wreak havoc on your home. Termites, mould, mildew, and other problems can ravage the home and put your family at risk. For immediate assistance in the eradication of structural dampness, contact Nationwide Subfloor Ventilation.